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Black Hog Island fleece

Hog Island #14

This is a ‘black’ Hog Island fleece – maybe 10% of the breed throws a black fleece.  Maybe.   Great blocky locks, with a a fairly normal amount of kemp and weather typical of the breed.  Light VM. Average staple 2.5″ Price is per ounce. 4 ounce minimum purchase.

Hog Island

Breed categories: medium wool, rare, heritage,feral Distribution: United States Breed History About 200 years ago, a flock of sheep was established on Hog Island, one of Virginia’s barrier islands. The sheep were already native to the area and are reputed to have descended from Merino and the occasional subsequent introductions of down breeds to the […]

Accokeek Hog Islands

This past Saturday my web man and I had the opportunity to squelch out to the Accokeek Foundation’s National Colonial Farm where we met with Polly, the livestock coordinator, and the Stitch n’ Time crew. While we were there we met a number of the farm’s Hog Island sheep which are part ofthe Foundation’s Livestock […]

Max has been busy inspecting fleece!

Getting ready for the holidays

Well hello there! So – somehow the first year of our shepherding has come and gone.  Wherever did the time go?  In this year we have seen some fun things around The Spinning Loft –  new fibers from Norway, the development of our new Beth Smith and Down Breed samplers, working with Accokeek to foster […]

How to Choose A Fleece

It’s that time of year again and the fiber festivals are coming fast and furious.   While most of you prefer to handle only a few ounces of raw wool at a time, or prefer not to be led astray by the heady fumes, a few brave souls after my own heart might attempt to choose […]

Fleeces and Lambs and Rare Breed Kits – Oh My!

So, I realized the other day that I haven’t written in a while.  Things have been so busy around The Loft in the past few months that we haven’t had time to stop whirling around like Dervishes in ages! As you all know we spent some time developing a rare breeds sampler to accompany Interweave’s […]


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The Shetland’s roots go back over a thousand years, probably to sheep brought to the Shetland Islands by Viking settlers. They belong to the Northern European short-tailed group of sheep, which also includes Finn sheep, Icelandic sheep, and Romanovs. The Shetland is a primitive, unimproved breed noted for its natural hardiness, lambing ease, longevity, and […]