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What does it take to prepare for a show?

I’m often asked why we don’t do more shows.  My wooly ones, we want to!  We plan to!  We are applying to!  But it often comes down to time.  As you all know, both the shipping Wombat and I work full time (and then some…) jobs and then we come home to work on things […]

Is it REALLY Garbage?

This spring prior to PLY AWAY 2017 I got what I thought was a normal message from Abby Franquemont, who was in need of some fiber for her upcoming PLY Away class, a 3 day intensive on Andean Backstrap Weaving from raw fleece to woven object.  She wanted normal, run of the mill fleeces of […]


Tales from the (Fleece) Sale

So there I was, wandering the aisles and reviewing fleeces at the Fleece sale.  I wasn’t shopping for me, no I was not!  I was shopping for the store.  I was also training some new wool buyers. See, I like the fleece sale.  It’s a really great opportunity for me to expand my shepherds list […]

What is breed study?

The Spinning Loft prides itself on having as many breeds of sheep in stock as we can in the form of wool and fleece for our clients and we generally have more than 50 unique breeds in a combination of prepared fiber and raw fleece (at time of writing we have 56).  We also carry […]


What the Shepherds Have Taught Me

When I began this journey of fiber exploration, I did not intend to dive into the realm of breed study – or even to become a wool merchant!  I began as a way to de-stress and provide an outlet for some creative juices, to do something with my hands to take my mind of something […]

Year of the Sheep Finale – News & a Sale!

The time has come for the final installment.  I know you have all been waiting ever so patiently and we thank you. So many things ahoof around here at The Spinning Loft. This has been a year of highs – Year of the Sheep, exciting new fleeces, shopping for fleece and meeting shepherds at Maryland […]

Year of the Sheep – The Part That is Third

It is that time again my fleecy friends!  What could possibly be next you ask? It’s the third installment of the Year of the Sheep of course!     But first – did you see?  Have you heard?  You all have been clamoring like an Austrian governess for processed fibers and we heard you.  We […]


Memorial Flash Sale: a Celebration of all things Max

This is at once a celebration and a memorial.  As such, I hope you will forgive me if this little note is short. Some of you may have heard about the recent loss of our intrepid and much annoyed supervisor extraordinaire.  Well, ‘tis true.  We here at The Spinning Loft are mourning the loss of […]

Bond samples!

Year of the Sheep – Reloaded!

Now that you have enjoyed your Cheviot – and who wouldn’t? – it’s time to talk about the next installment in our celebration of sheep.  What, you ask, are we doing now?  Goodness naturally.  Delicious, yummy, wooly, goodness in the form of….. Bond! It is soft, crimpy and wonderful.  It’s great for lace, great for […]