What are your hours?

The internet never closes.  We do not currently have physical store hours as we do not have a physical store.  We are an online retailer.  If you want to see or touch something contact us to discuss a special appointment.

How do I contact you?

We do prefer email.  See our Contact Us page for our email and a contact form. We monitor it and can respond quite quickly using this medium.

If you *must* call us please be aware that we both have day jobs and we *cannot* return your calls during business hours.  We will only be able to return calls from people who leave us messages between the hours of 6pm and 7:30pm ET on weekdays.  We both wish this were otherwise, but sadly it is the reality we face.

Where are you located?  

The Spinning Loft is a web only retailer.  If you are wondering where to ship things or where they will ship from – Silver Spring MD.

Help! I can’t find the store in Howell!  Where is it?

As an online retailer we have no physical location – neither in Howell, nor anywhere else.

Hi Beth!     

Beth Smith closed the physical store in 2011.  She sold The Spinning Loft to us in 2012 and the store relocated.  If you need to get in touch with Beth for teaching she can be reached on her website, bethsmithspinning.com.

Alison  also teaches, give presentations, and goes to shows and she can be reached via our contact page.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts in certain circumstances. Discounts apply for the following:

  • Purchase of a full (intact, no other portions sold) fleece: 30% discount off of list price of fleece
  • Orders for Guilds for educational purposes (such as breed studies): 10% discount off list price of order
  • Military members: 10% discount off list price of order
  • Orders for classes (made by the teacher or class organizer): 10% discount off list price of order

Simply add a note in your order about your applicable discount and we will refund you the discount.

I ordered and I don’t have my order yet.  Why not?

We work full time (and then some) during the week at our day jobs. Because of this, we ship on weekends, so batches of orders go out for postal pick up on Mondays.

An email with tracking information is sent upon generation of the shipping label.  If you haven’t gotten the package yet, please check the tracking information on that shipment notice and it will tell you where your package is.  If you still can’t find it, contact us with your order # and we will take a look.

I don’t want to scour raw wool, where do I buy processed fiber?

Conveniently we carry breed specific processed fiber as well.  The Spinning Loft is your 1 stop shop for all the breed specific fibers!!!

I don’t like my fiber/there’s something wrong with my fiber/I can’t spin this!

We do not take returns on opened fiber.  The reasons are many but it comes down to the fact that nothing goes out the door that cannot be spun comfortably.

–    We take photos of every single fleece and describe them as accurately as possible.  That means we aren’t misrepresenting the products – you can see exactly what you are getting on every single fleece when you order.

–    No fleece ever goes to the customer unless we have spun a sample.  None.  Ever.  If we can spin the fiber, it is not “unspinnable” or “trash”.

–    VM and dirt are highly subjective – no fleece goes out unless I can process it.  That means they aren’t too dirty to bother trying to spin.  Some breeds we stock have fewer than 300 breeding ewes.  Our stocking these breeds helps shepherds ensure these sheep do not go extinct.  We cannot improve fleece when sheep are threatened with extinction.  We do our best to work with shepherds to improve them, but priority is survival first.

–    We inspect the fibers going into each order when we ship to insure soundness and spinnability.

That said, we will do our best to make our customers happy and we want to resolve any issues.  If you feel unhappy with your order, please email us immediately with your order # so that we can attempt to resolve the problem. All fiber sales are final, but may be replaced at our discretion if there truly was an undiscovered flaw in the wool.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a cold soak, hotter water, or changing your preparation method and sometimes we replace samples if deemed appropriate. All decisions on replacements are at our discretion.


We accept returns on books and equipment within 30 days of date of sale. All fiber sales are final, but may be replaced at our discretion if there truly was an undiscovered flaw in the wool.

I want to fondle the fibers.  What events will you be at?

This list is always changing.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Ravelry as well.  You can find us at:


Maryland Alpaca & Fiber Festival, November 11-12, Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD


Ply Away, Westin Crown Center, Kansas City, MO, March 27-31