Fabric and Yarn Dyer’s Handbook


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If you want to give fabrics that personal touch, you can’t do without this vital tool that covers everything from traditional vat coloring to tie-dying, as well as innovative contemporary methods involving photocopiers, foil, and latex. Jam-packed with handy tips from a leading expert in textile dyeing and decoration, it describes the characteristics of different fabrics and yarns, dyes, pigments, and paints. Color strip, screen or block print, do Indonesian batik, smoke stencil, and so much more, with over 100 inspirational, beautifully photographed recipes for dyeing and patterning fabric, a comprehensive techniques section, and symbols that quickly convey a recipe’s difficulty, preparation time, process, and type of dye required. And a handy color key system instantly identifies the best material for each procedure!

Hardcover with Spiral Binding

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