We Love Wool

The Spinning Loft is the go-to source for breed-specific fiber.

We stock raw fleece and processed roving and top from a wide variety of breeds and we normally have more than 50 distinct breeds in stock at any time. Here at The Spinning Loft we focus on conservation and heritage breeds from around the world, and work with shepherds to give them an outlet for their wool, thus helping them preserve their flocks and their way of life.

Wool of every type, from fine wool to multi-coated, is available for spinning. We also stock scour, processing tools, spindles, wheels, and looms to take your project from raw fleece to finished heirloom. We are indeed a one stop shop for all things wooly!

Ordering & Shipping Deadlines

We will be closed for the holidays December 17th to January 4th. The website will still accept your orders, but be aware we will not be shipping during this time.

  • International orders must be placed no later than December 9th
  • Priority Mail orders must be placed no later than December 15th
  • First class mail orders must be placed no later than December 15th

(If you require our scour service, please add 5 days to insure the fiber is dry prior to shipping.)

Featured Products

  • Columbia fleece

    Columbia #5

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  • Shetland #25

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  • Field Guide to Fleece

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  • Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook

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  • The Spinner's Book of Fleece by Beth Smith

    The Spinner’s Book of Fleece:

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  • Book - Pin Loom Weaving

    Pin Loom Weaving

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  • Falkland Corriedale top

    Falklands Corriedale Top

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  • Blue Faced Leicester Top (White)

    Sale! $4.00 $3.00
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  • Shetland #19

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  • Lincoln Longwool #6

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