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Memorial Flash Sale: a Celebration of all things Max

This is at once a celebration and a memorial.  As such, I hope you will forgive me if this little note is short.

Some of you may have heard about the recent loss of our intrepid and much annoyed supervisor extraordinaire.  Well, ‘tis true.  We here at The Spinning Loft are mourning the loss of our Shih Tzu Overlord, Maximus Minimus.  He would have been 15 this week.

Maximus memorial

But we must celebrate his life – we wouldn’t want him to be annoyed with us would we?  To do so we have chosen his very favorite fiber: Romney. And for giggles, we are also going to feature Gotland, the breed of fiber he dallied with in this video:

Max & the Gotland from James Mathieson on Vimeo.

They will be on sale (no work on your part – we’ve already done it for you) from May 6th through May 18th.

We miss you, Max.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Flash Sale: a Celebration of all things Max

  1. Great memorial for Max. I love the little video 🙂

  2. Max was clearly a dog who knew his sheep. No wonder he became your benevolent overlord.

    A fitting tribute to an awesome pup!

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