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New Year – New Projects

Well, sort of.

So I decided that 2019 as a year for me to clean up some of my ongoing projects and get them finished.  I’m sure you’ve been there – a lingering unfinished object, a pile of fiber you started to spin and put aside for a more appealing color or simply because you were tired of looking at it; you know the type.

So many samples!

Well, I realized while cleaning up my office that I had a whole lot of samples for which I had spun, plied, finished and knitted sample squares all awaiting notes clean up (what does that squiggle mean again?), some that I’ve spun and plied, but are awaiting finishing and knit samples, some that I’ve sampled for the store but not for my personal samples, and still more that I’ve sampled, and are already in the stole, but that I wanted to go back in and do some more extensive comparisons on!

Many breeds living harmoniously in one shawl.

And after all that is done, the leftover yarns are being used in my breed study stole, which will now be far too large for a stole, and has become a ruana.

But they’ve all been lingering for far too long.  I mean sure, sometimes it gets boring to knit the same sample squares – I use the same pattern and the same needles for all my samples so I can compare them properly.  But it’s also so rewarding: I really understand the fibers once I’ve sampled and knit with them.  And I love that I’m using those leftovers in a project.


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