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I was lucky enough to find this really cool Awassi hiding amidst the flock of a local shepherd.  Imagine my luck!

Awassi are a nomadic sheep from the Middle East, specifically a fat tailed near Eastern type.  They are AMAZING milkers, averaging a whopping 650 pounds per lactation.  But wait for it, 1600 pounds are not at all uncommon.  You want to make sheep’s milk soap – this is the breed for you.

But the WOOL!  Ok, so this is a wool rather not dissimilar to Romanov.  It’s kempy, it’s dual coated, but it’s a challenge to separate the coats, and it’s coarse stuff so I’d use it for anything where durability is a must, like carpets.

This fleece has moderate VM and dirt and some rather heavy globs of lanolin throughout.  I highly recommend a cold soak before scouring but this is some really really fun stuff!

Price is per ounce, we have a 4 oz minimum.

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