Coat of Many Scrumbles


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by Prudence Mapstone

The coat of many scrumbles is not a `how to’ book for freeform
crochet, nor is it a pattern book. Rather, the book chronicles the
story of how an amazing freeform coat, shawl, scarf and umbrella
came  to be — from challenge to vision to construction process to final
products. Created by freeformers from around the globe for Chain
Link  2006, this project was a response from the International Freeform
Crochet Guild to a challenge for local guilds to create something
together as a group. Participants ranged from young children to
retired school teachers, from sculptors and fiber artists and
freeform  devotees to crocheters who had never tried freeform before.
Photographs of the finished garments show off the richness of fiber,
stitch, and color.

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