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Wait, you say, Hebridean?!  YES!  YES I DO!  These sheep are a critical part of the resurgence of weaving on several islands in the Hebrides.  They are also a critical part of ecosystem management and the restoration of various bird species that nest in the islands.  The fiber is about as black as natural fiber can be.  There are some weathered tips and some areas do reflect some of the less common blue and brown colors that sometimes show up in a flock.  They do have an under and outer coat, reflecting their environment of rugged terrain and harsh winds.  It is VERY VERY greasy, but reasonably clean with mild to moderate VM – mostly large bits of straw – and a bit of dirt.  Some of the locks do have remnants of a roo line, which will process out, and reflects their wilder nature.  Very nice staple length and fleece condition.  I really love this fleece and I don’t get them very often.

Ave staple 3″/6.5″

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