Rambouillet #5


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“Bullet” This is gorgeous. ¬†White, super crimpy, moderate VM and grease. Lovely texture on a lovely fleece.

Ave staple 2-3″


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  1. Tina

    The is very dirty fleece with no discernable VM, BUT underneath it is some really awesome wool. This was moderately greasy and seriously mud loving sheep. Soak in lukewarm water overnight. Drain. Soak again in lukewarm water for overnight. Yes, twice. Then regular hot water wash with Kookaburra Scour. Rinse again with hot water. More sandy mud comes out. Scour again. Done and very light a most pure white wool emerges after drying that is very fine and super soft. Extra time involved (mostly soaking) but the end product was well with it.

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