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Romanovs are hardy, prolific sheep (the record is 9 lambs! I faint just thinking about it.).  They’re generally very light and so is their fleece.  That said, like the sheep, their fleeces are not for the faint of heart.

This fleece is fairly typical.  While a Romanov starts all black, they lighten through the shades of grey to white as they age with a mix of fiber colors and a very heavy outer coat.  Males, and this fleece comes from a ram, also have a kempy black mane and brisket.   This fleece is kempy as a result.  It’s dual coated, but the lengths are nearly identical.  It’s hairy and fairly clean with light VM.  Typically varied in texture and a great color.

Want something truly unusual for breed study or rugs?  This is your fleece.

Average staple 3″

Price is per ounce. 4 ounce minimum purchase.

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