Santa Cruz #23


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White.  This fleece is very dirty – lots of muddy tips, and very greasy.  It would beenefit from a couple cold soaks before scouring.  There’s moderate to heavy VM.  But the staple beneath is both sound and of exellent crimp.  It’s sound and a typical example of these fleeces.  Aother critically endangered breed, there are fewer than 150 of these sheep left in the world.  So far the shepherd’s efforts to improve staple length with improved fodder and human influence have led to breaks in the middle of every fleece, so we are keeping it shorter, letting them remain feral, and working on improving the flock size and other aspects first.  I highly recommend attmpting to comb – not card – this fleece despite the lock length due to the crimp and elasticity.

Ave staple is 2″

Price is for 1 oz, 4 ounce minimum

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Weight 1.5 oz


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