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Ready to go wool throttle with your spinning? Sit and Spin! From her whimsical blue spinning studio on the slopes of volcanic Mouton Mountain, Jacey Boggs of treats you to over an hour of friendly, face-to-face, fun instruction in a wide variety of colorful spinning techniques that are certain to add an extra blast of flair to your yarns.

Handy pop-up graphics help you along wherever techniques have steps to remember. In no time at all, your art yarn spinning will be mnemonically enhanced!

In between segments, enjoy a short intermission full to the brim with beardy, spider-flavored rock and roll antics. You can take a break and shake it!

Sit and Spin! is a great way to learn some interesting new techniques, improve your overall hand and fiber control, add spark to your spinning, and at the same time stir up a party in your living room.

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