Twelve Months of Knitting


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By Joanne Yordanou

Knit your way through the four seasons with 36 inspired clothing, tableware, bedding, and accessory projects that aren’t just winter-worthy.

Everyone loves a soft handmade hat in January or an après-ski sweater to wear in the lodge, but from Twelve Months of Knitting you’ll also learn to surprise your friends and family with other equally thoughtful gifts, like a spring-break bikini or beach cover-up, a floral shopping bag in April, a lovely knitted table setting for a summer meal, a kimono wrap for the first brisk days of fall, or a flashy holiday cardigan.

Whether you’re just learning to knit and purl your first basic winter cap or are interested in perfecting an advanced skill like intarsia or lace, you’ll find tips and techniques throughout that will hone your current level and help push you to the next one. A handy planner is included to help you figure out when to begin a season-specific project (so you’ll know how many days you’ll need to finish in time). Each month of the year offers three projects–one for beginners, another for intermediates, and a third for the experienced–all in a range of sizes.

While thoroughly detailed in its instructions and illustrations, Twelve Months of Knitting challenges old and new knitters alike to embrace knitting as a pastime without seasonal boundaries.

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