Welcome to The Spinning Loft’s Sheep-o-Pedia!

Here you will find information on all the breeds we have in stock – and a few additional. The information is not exhaustive, though I have tried to cover as much as is appealing about these sheep, from wool to meat. We aim to include standard fleece features, sheep characteristics, a bit of history about the breed and some photos of wooly awesomeness.

As we obtain more breeds, more breed information pages will be added.

Additionally, while we do try to keep up, if you find a breed is missing from the Sheep O Pedia, but is in stock, be assured we are working on its page!

Sources for the information are:

The Fleece & Fiber Source Book
The Field Guide to Fleece
George the Sheep’s Sheep 101 dot com
The Livestock Breed Conservancy
The British Rare Breeds Board [James, look that one up]
The British Sheep & Wool Book
the respective breed association pages from Europe and the North America

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