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Shipping Update

Good evening Fiberistas and Friends of the Fleece!

Things are finally calming down some here in the Loft. We’ve spent the last week moving, sorting, photographing, stowing and otherwise stashing the inventory, and we’ve been working on getting it all online. We’ve made a lot of progress and there’s more to come, which we’ll be updating over the next week. Look for more fleece, books, tools, and some great Peruvian textiles.

We’ve also set our shipping times. We’ll be processing and shipping on Wednesday evening and Saturday each week. Please let us know if you need your items sooner than our regular shipping schedule.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Update

  1. Where are you and what are your hours. Can you get parts for my Schacht Matchless and lazy kate? Thanks!

    1. We are an online store only, operating in Silver Spring, MD. As an online store we don’t have physical store hours. We are a Schacht dealer and can get parts for the Matchless (a great wheel, we have one ourselves!). Our Schacht products are not in the online catalog yet (we’re still working on getting everything online, and have been focused on the fleeces), but if you let us know what you need we’ll get you a quote.

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