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Year of the Sheep Finale – News & a Sale!

The time has come for the final installment.  I know you have all been waiting ever so patiently and we thank you.

So many things ahoof around here at The Spinning Loft.

This has been a year of highs – Year of the Sheep, exciting new fleeces, shopping for fleece and meeting shepherds at Maryland Sheep and Wool with Beth Smith – and a year of lows – the loss of our intrepid Fleece Overseer – but it has been a year of fun.

Before I get to our fourth and final installment for The year of The Sheep, I want to tantalize your fibery taste buds.  You see, now that Rhinebeck has passed, we can hint about the secret special project being released soon.  I can’t tell you much more yet, but I can tell you that we teamed up with one of our favorite spinning tool makers to bring you a special treat.  You’ll all need to be ready as the project has a limited number of supplies available.  As soon as I can tell you more I will!   WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!?!  Well, I can tell you that some very delicious wool is involved.

We are also uploading some newly arrived fleeces soon.  They have cleared my quarantine and are in photography and sampling. Also 2016 will come soon and we are excited.  We have more great things in store.  We are investigating some better shipping options with the mid January postage increase looming and we are planning some interesting breed features.

Perhaps most importantly: The Spinning Loft will be at PLY Away in April!  I know!  I’m excited too!  We will bring our Wall of Fleece with us, and some special, just for PLY Away, items.  It will be like having a mini Spinning Loft for your enjoyment!  So if you have any wish items, let us know early and we will do our best to bring them along.

But on to the knitty gritty; I have tried to stall for far too long because I am a little sad to come to the end of this fabulous year of celebrating sheep!  It has been great to honor such wonderful beings and most importantly – the soft and squooshy fibers they give us.  So how is it we are closing out the year?  

Sheepy gift giving of course! For the final installment, we are celebrating the giving of sheepy gifts!  All of our easily gifted items are on sale.  Notions to books, scours to tools, small looms* to spindles, even our samplers are ready to be gifted to your favorite appreciator of all things sheepy.

I like to start my holiday shopping a little early – because I inevitably find myself still doing it at the last minute.  And as this time of year is filled with family events, seasonal transitions and various spiritual celebrations that often involve gift giving, we here at The Spinning Loft want to help you all with your efforts and give you what I hope is a great boost.

WHAT?!  I know, we’re crazy.  But we like you..

We know you’ve been seeking that perfect gift for the new breed study fanatic and our samplers are just the thing.  Looking for wheel oil?  My favorite oil is on sale!  Need to stock up on scour?  Yep, that too.  Fiber wash and rinse to finish all your wooly gifts – oh yes my friends.  You’ve spent all year spinning up our special breeds and now you need to knit them – we have a limited supply of needles and stitch markers!   Or maybe you prefer to weave them?  We have looms*! In need of a great spindle?  Spindles are also on sale!  Books and DVDs to enjoy? Yup, those too.

As always we’ve done the discounting on our end so you may shop to your heart’s content.  Consider 10% off all these crazy items as our gift to you! Discounts will show in your cart for all items not already marked down (such as Samplers).

Concerned about your gifts arriving in  time?  We have reviewed the postal deadlines and any orders received by December 15th will make it to their destinations in time for the holidays.

Speaking of orders, Schacht has also released it’s ordering deadlines – so if you want to get any of these items for holiday gift giving, and I don’t have them in stock, please get your orders in by the dates below (you’ll note the Schacht Reeves is not on the list – that is because we cannot guarantee its delivery before the New Year at this time):

Wolf Looms, Floor Looms, Table Loom – Nov 11th
Matchless, Ladybug, Sidekick – Nov 18th
Accessories, Small Looms, Bulky Packages – Nov 25th
Crickets, Cricket Accessories, Zoom Looms – Dec 2nd

We hope this final installment of the Year of the Sheep will be as much fun  for you as it is for us.

Alison and James

Spin All The Wools!

*Some restrictions apply.

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