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Year of the Sheep – The Part That is Third

It is that time again my fleecy friends!  What could possibly be next you ask?

It’s the third installment of the Year of the Sheep of course!



But first – did you see?  Have you heard?  You all have been clamoring like an Austrian governess for processed fibers and we heard you.  We have begun stocking mill processed tops, rovings, and slivers.  More breeds will come, but we think we’ve made a good start.

That brings us to our other news.  Since before our last Year of the Sheep offering l knew what I wanted to do for our 3rd offering.  You see, I love Maryland Sheep and Wool – and I love other fiber festivals too – they are so much fun.  The scrum of the fleece sale, the smell of all those wool fumes, the energy, the shepherds, and of course, the sheep!  A fiber festival just makes me giddy.  I find such delicious surprises!

What?  Did I hear you say you missed it? Shocked I say.  And dismayed.  But not to worry, I am bringing you some of the MDSW goodness.  YES I AM!

I promised you all those months ago that I would feature spinner’s fleeces.  Do you remember?  Well it is time to do so.  These fleeces are crosses – crossed because the shepherds were aiming for some feature in the wool, or crossed because the flock ram got randy.  Regardless of how it happened, the results are marvellous.  They have interesting textures, interesting breeds within the cross, interesting colors.  They make for fascinating spinning, educational spinning, joyous spinning, blissful spinning.

More importantly – they are some of the fun you can find at a fiber festival when you aren’t pressured to find a BFL fleece or just the right coated merino.  Fibery fusions are totally where it’s at this quarter!

I know, I know, I can hear you all know, “What?!  A Cross?!  Say it isn’t so!”  But it is so.  We don’t have a lot of them because I don’t find a cross that’s more interesting than its constituent breeds so often, but these are exceptional.  I’d hate for you to miss them amidst all the breed specific fleeces.

Aren’t they yummy?

So there it is.  The next installment of the Year of the Sheep.  We have only one to go. As with our previous installments, the 10% off our feature fleeces sale is already taken care of for you – you need only shop to your heart’s content and the discount will already be included.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

And don’t forget – you’ll need to clean your new fleece choices and spin them and we can help!

Until next time…..  Keep Calm and Spin On!

Alison & James

The Spinning Loft

1 thought on “Year of the Sheep – The Part That is Third

  1. How did you get started? I love love love rare things. The more obscure the better. I live in GA and have been pleased to find Rare Breeds like Florida GC, and Cracker even some Rare German Breeds I can sell and hand process. But how to go about finding the really unusual fleeces? Do you Travel around the world? Just around the US to fiber fests? Ill never have a stock list or do enougj buisness to make it my msin source of income like yours but maybe as i get a little older and have more money i can try. Ypy can PM me if you like i know its a lo g comment. I just wanna be you when i grow up. LOL

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